OFF SHOOTS OF PrEP ( Pre Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV) Clinics

Saraswathi Lakkasani MD, Susane ope Ajao MD, Rajasingam Jayasingam MD, Arthur Siegal MD, Jihad Slim MD, Ernesto Torres

Department of Medicine, Saint Michael’s Medical Center in affiliation with New York Medical College, Newark, New Jersey, USA

*Corresponding author

*Saraswathi Lakkasani MD, Department of Medicine,Diagnostic Radiology and Surgery,USA


HIV preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP), is use of antiretroviral medications to prevent acquisition of HIV infection, in a HIV negative person who has on going risk of acquiring HIV. This strategy has proven effective in several recently published reports. The regimen if used optimally has HIV reduction record of 99%. However, there are several positive unforeseen benefits in this strategy. In this observational study we are presenting some additional benefits we observed in our Prep Clinic.

We are reporting the findings of our on-going PrEP Clinic for your perusal. Saint Michaels Medical Center is a 150 to 200 bedded community hospital, at Newark, New Jersey. We follow more than 200 PrEP clients in our Prep Clinic. We follow the state mandated protocol for induction and follow up.

Observation Results

So far there is no seroconversion to HIV after starting PrEP. Two of our clients had successful full term, normal pregnancies with sero negative healthy babies. Statistically significant number of STI’s (sexually transmitted Infections) were diagnosed and successfully treated and Significant number of unimmunized clients for Hepatitis B and A were identified and immunized. One case of uncontrolled diabetes and one hypercalcemia were identified at the initial visit and referred to the respective specialist. One patient was found to have anal mass, six months into the program, being pursued by colorectal surgeon.


Among the risk groups benefited by PrEP, the use of PrEP has increased by 500%. The average age group of clients falls between 25 to 35 who are in good health and with very few comorbidities who may or may not come to Primary care clinics on regular basis.

PrEP clinics gives an excellent opportunity to detect, diagnose and treat some of the commonly missed but treatable medical issues. The demand will be increasing in future. Our findings may be the tip of an iceberg.


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