Movement is life, proper movement is active longevity

Gusyev Valentyn

President, Member of Pedorthic Association of Canada, Canada

*Corresponding author

Gusyev Valentyn, President, Member of Pedorthic Association of Canada, Canada.

The increase in human life expectancy is usually attributed to the achievements of medicine. At the same time, it is not mentioned that Peter 1 fought with 300-year-old elders, that age in those days was measured in circles at 145 years. Gerontology even today says that the resource of the heart is determined by 300 years, and the liver by 600 years. Medicine is also silent about the fact that in the part by which life expectancy has increased, most people are no longer able to work, they cannot move independently. But it is precisely the movement, the work of the venous-muscular pumps of the legs that maintains blood circulation in the system of small and large blood circulation in the human body. Our alleged monkey ancestors do not have such a pump. Their life expectancy is limited to only tens of years. They can't even think like humans. After all, brain cells develop from muscles tired during the day, 80% of which are leg muscles. The activity of people in recent years has decreased by 200 times. Previously, a rural worker walked 17 kilometers a day, but today it is less than a kilometer. It is obvious that the mental abilities of people who lived in previous centuries were higher. Modern scientists cannot explain how people used to build pyramids, underground cities, process stone, create statues and flying machines. Today we have come to a situation where people, like robots, are taught to perform only certain actions. The doctor sells drugs and does not suspect that diseases arise due to poor nutrition and the removal of cell decay products. What are the skeletal muscles responsible for these processes, the work of which is limited by improperly made shoes, leading to deformations in the system of the most powerful leg pumps. These are the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, which reduce their activity with improper walking. Stores sell over 90% of improperly made shoes. The fulcrum in which the position of the thumb does not correspond to the reference points of the skeleton (1-2-3).

But medicine does not pay attention to this, because it is engaged in business. In the first place in terms of mortality are violations of arterial blood flow. This is ischemia of the heart, lower extremities and the naked brain. But no one sees that the cause is a violation of the outflow of venous blood - the biomechanics of walking. Violation of the sequence of muscle contraction also leads to overload of the central nervous system, which began to be noted as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The process of walking upright, maintaining a stable position of the body is carried out according to the addition of inherent, unconditioned reflexes independent of our desires. Therefore, a violation of walking in the case of deformities of the feet leads to a change in the position of the bones in all the higher lying joints of the skeleton and a violation of the contractile pumping function of the muscles. The body perceives changes in walking for a dance, which leads to overloads of the Central Nervous System. You just stood on your heel, and the signal from the mechanoreceptors under your fingers says you are already pushing, jumping.

All the knowledge of the world cannot make a person a doctor of a self-regulating organism. Therefore, not to treat, but to restore the pumping function of the musculoskeletal frame of the body should be the primary task of the body's therapy. But how can a specialist of a narrow profile understand this, who was taught the wrong way and for whom everything new is incomprehensible and frightening.